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dailyhotness's Journal

Daily Hotness
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This community is all about getting your daily recommended dose of female hotness. Pics will be of attractive women Membership is moderated and people will be bounced if they don't follow the guidelines below.

1. Keep the pics to a reasonable level of taste and at least Semi-Work Safe
2. ALL posts are to be put behind a cut. This will be strictly enforced.
3. Posts which are not work safe SHALL be labeled NWS. If you think it might get someone in trouble, LABEL IT!!!
4. Don't assume a pic post is work safe. Use common sense here given the litigous society the US is. You know your work environment better than we do and we ARE NOT responsible for you being a dumbass.
5. No blatant porn, though pics of porn stars are acceptable.
6. Models, actresses, etc ALL qualify, but please keep the hotties OF LEGAL AGE.
7. Skanks are allowed...we all have our own tastes after all. Just don't be gross or you'll get bounced.
8. All pics WILL be of, about, and focusing on women you think are HOT! Not everyone will agree with your definition, but don't let that get to you. Having others in the pics is acceptable, but please have at least 1 hotty in the pic you post.
9. Posting pics is not required, but is encouraged, as is commenting.
10. Trolls and flamers WILL BE BOUNCED!!! HARD!
11. This is a site for those who appreciate pics of hot women. If you don't like that kind of thing or find it offensive...DON'T TELL ME ABOUT IT!!! GO AWAY!
12. Religious posts, save those that worship the female form, will be grounds for getting bounced. No one here wants to get lectured at or preached to. GO AWAY!